I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be doing work that I'm truly passionate about. With over 10 years of experience, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned brands like Farfetch and Chemondis (Lanxess), as well as contribute to the growth of various startups.

One of my proudest achievements is my path at xgeeks where I joined when we were a team of 5 and now we are well over 100 engineers. This experience allowed me to significantly influence both the company's culture and engineering practices.

Drawing from my diverse background and experiences, I bring a unique perspective to my role as a Staff Engineer. Currently, I'm adding value and driving innovative solutions at xgeeks.

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My Work


When it comes to corporate projects, I've had the privilege of working on cutting-edge initiatives. Leveraging my expertise, I have significantly contributed to the success of enterprise-level products for renowned brands like Farfetch and Chemondis (Lanxess).

In these roles, I played pivotal roles in the development process, focusing on backend efficiency, architectural design, and system choices. Working on these projects has allowed me to gain valuable insights into corporate operations and contribute to the enhancement of user experiences on a large scale.

Open Source

My commitment to open-source initiatives is deeply ingrained. I actively contribute to the open-source community, making notable contributions to projects like React, Styled Components, Gatsby, and Raycast. I believe in the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge, which is why I actively engage in writing articles, delivering talks, and participating in open-source projects. Through these endeavors, I strive to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment that drives innovation and benefits developers worldwide.

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In addition to my collaborative work, I've initiated and authored several impactful projects. One notable project is the "Shadcn/ui Theme Explorer" – a site designed to streamline the process of bootstrapping color themes for shadcn/ui components, serving as a source of inspiration for developers. I'm also the author of the "Commit to Fight Covid" site, which simplifies the process for open-source contributors to find projects and join the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, I've created "Code Scope," an experimental project that utilizes AI to analyze code snippets in terms of performance, security, readability, and bugs. These artistic endeavors, alongside various others, reflect my passion for exploration, innovation, and making a positive impact through technology.

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Writing is a passion of mine, although I'm just getting started. I have contributed a few public articles on topics related to technology, development, and productivity.
Through my writing, I strive to inspire and educate fellow developers, sharing practical advice and thought-provoking ideas. I firmly believe in the transformative power of the written word to foster connections and contribute to the growth of the developer community.


Looking ahead, my vision is to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the industry. I'm driven by the prospect of creating products and experiences that have a positive impact on society. By leveraging my expertise, fostering innovation, and collaborating with talented individuals, I aim to drive transformative change and contribute to the advancement of technology.

I strive to build a future where technology improves people's lives, empowers businesses, and creates opportunities for growth and positive change.